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Constructive, supportive, effective survey services for revalidation, quality improvement and growth for people and organisations.

CFEP UK Surveys – how we help you

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or working on behalf of a healthcare organisation, our 20-plus years of experience in UK healthcare surveys means that we expertly and seamlessly manage the process of gathering patient care information that is accurate and relevant.

After collecting statistically valid evidence, we collate and analyse the data and provide easy-to-understand, meaningful reports and feedback back to you.

Our reports and supporting information enable and empower clinicians and organisations to:

  • Understand colleague and patient feedback
  • Meet compliance requirements for appraisal and revalidation
  • Readily identify strengths as well as areas for quality improvements and opportunities for growth.

We are the experts in healthcare surveys. As pioneers of patient-based feedback instruments, CFEP Surveys is deeply embedded in the UK healthcare sector. Our knowledge of the healthcare system – how it functions, the key governing bodies, and the challenges you face within it – is broad and in-depth.

Our team is experienced, approachable and enthusiastic about supporting you. We recognise the importance of your work and care deeply about individual and national quality improvement goals and revalidation requirements.

We believe that gathering feedback from patients and colleagues is far more than a ‘tick-a-box’ activity. It can have a profoundly positive impact on personal, professional and organisational development, and the overall quality of healthcare across the UK. We take great pride in our role of providing constructive, supportive and efficient survey services to ensure our clients extract maximum value from the process.

“We received excellent service from the CFEP team and would like to thank them all. The results were delivered really quickly without compromising on quality. I will be recommending your service to colleagues.

We have used CFEP surveys for several years now. It is important for us to know how we are supporting patients and what we need to do to improve the experiences for patients.

CFEP surveys play a vital role in gaining patient feedback and provide us with a simple seamless process in order to get this feedback. Our patient feedback was commended by the CQC, this would not have been the case without the support of CFEP.”

Popular Surveys

Our surveys equip healthcare professionals and medical organisations with the tools and reports to help them meet compliance requirements, put in place quality improvements, generate value and grow.

CFEP Survey’s focus is the integrity of our surveys and the results that they generate. We work with organisations to ensure our questionnaires can be easily accessed and completed. This can be online, text, via paper or by a combination of the different options.