GMC Colleague and Patient Feedback Questionnaires

Two required elements of Revalidation will be for doctors to show evidence that they have gathered feedback from their colleagues and patients (where appropriate).

The GMC have produced a colleague feedback questionnaire and a patient feedback questionnaire suitable for use in Revalidation. Information from their website states:

The GMC has developed separate colleague and patient questionnaires based on the principles and values in Good Medical Practice. These questionnaires have been extensively researched and piloted by Professor John Campbell and his team at Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry.

We are confident that our questionnaires meet all of the criteria we have set for the development of questionnaires for use in revalidation. Our questionnaires

  • Reflect the values and principles in the GMC's core guidance Good Medical Practice
  • Are designed in a way that is consistent with the principles of good questionnaire design
  • Have been piloted to demonstrate that they are effective for the purpose of revalidation

The questionnaires are generic and can be used by any doctor. However they must be collated independently of the doctor, appraiser and Responsible Officer.

CFEP were chosen by the GMC to work alongside the Peninsula College of Medicine in the piloting and validation of the GMC's patient and colleague questionnaires for Revalidation.

Having worked on the research project, and subsequently provided the questionnaires for doctors across varied settings, providing feedback to around 1200 doctors. we are in a position to not only have great experience in these questionnaires, but to be able to offer benchmarks for them - a useful tool when reflecting on the resulting report.

If you would like to use the GMC questionnaires as part of your evidence towards Revalidation, with the support of an experienced and independent administration service, please apply here.

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