Information about GMC MSF

The GMC MSF is designed to provide you with patient and colleague feedback suitable for Revalidation.

GMC MSF is made up of the:

GMC Patient Feedback Questionnaire (PQ))

GMC Colleague Feedback Questionnaire (CQ)

The PQ and CQ were piloted by Peninsular College of Medicine in association with CFEP UK Surveys Ltd on behalf of the GMC.

Self Assessment Questionnaire (SA)

This is where you rate yourself under the same domains as your colleagues and patients. The benefits of this are to:

  • Familiarise yourself with the items and domains on which you yourself are being rated.
  • Reflect on your own skills prior to receiving feedback from others.
  • Reconcile your scores with those of your peers and patients during report review.

The PQ and CQ can be carried out separately if preferred.