Dental Friends and Family Test

The Friends and Family Test is to be introduced into Dental Practices in April 2015 and guidance has just been published here.

What is the Friends  and Family Test? 

"The Friends and Family Test (FFT) aims to provide a simple headline metric which, when combined with follow-up questions, can drive a culture change of continuous recognition of good practice and potential improvements in the quality of the care received by NHS patients and service users."

- Taken from NHS England

Why choose CFEP for  Friends and Family?

We have been providing the Friends and Family Test surveys for GP Practices since they started to use them in December 2014. We have created a simple, straightforward way to collect the required information and a useful and meaningful report to enable you to provide data to NHS England, and importantly, take the feedback from patients to assist you in the development of facilities and services within your practice – improving the environment for patients and staff alike.

More information

Please click here for more information on the Friends and Family Test in Dental Practices.

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