Non Clinical Staff

Colleague Feedback Evaluation Tool (CFET)

About CFET for Non Clinical Staff

Non Clinical Staff

Following requests from practices we have developed a colleague survey for non clinical staff. The survey closely emulates our Colleague Feedback Evaluation Tool (CFET) that is used by medical staff, i.e. doctors, nurses, physiotherapists. The aim of the similarity is to enable feedback to be sought as a team and for results to be compared in key areas.

The questionnaire allows non clinical staff to gather colleague feedback in the same way that doctors are being asked to do for appraisal and Revalidation and which, it is looks likely, nurses will soon be asked to do as well. The member of staff would nominate (or have nominated for them) 15 colleagues who would be able to provide feedback on their professional work.

How does it work?

  • We send you a link to our secure online portal
  • You complete a Self Assessment and nominate the colleagues from whom you would like to receive feedback (full instructions and guidance are available on the portal) 
  • We provide an informative and easy to understand report electronically
  • You use the report to celebrate your successes and target your areas for improvement

What you get

  • Clear guidance for completion of the survey
  • Full support from a dedicated team
  • Quality report designed to stimulate personal development
  • Benchmarks to provide an indication of performance
  • Advice on how to interpret the report provided