Patient and colleague feedback for pharmacists

Patient and colleague feedback enables you to gain valuable insight into how you are perceived as a professional. Giving you the opportunity to reflect on this insight, it allows you to develop your skills and interactions to enhance the working environment – for the benefit of you, your colleagues and your patients.

Our patient and colleague feedback service is the CFEP360 for Pharmacists and is suitable for use in primary or secondary care pharmacy settings. It is part of a range of CFEP360s which have been used by a wide range of doctors and nurses already for their appraisal, development and regulatory purposes.

CFEP360 is made up of three simple elements:

  • Patient Feedback
  • Colleague Feedback
  • Self Assessment

More information about the CFEP360

How Does it Work?

  • We send you all you need to complete the survey, including a full support pack
  • The survey is completed and returned to CFEP
  • We provide an informative and easy to understand report
  • You use the report to celebrate your successes and target your areas for improvement

What you Get

  • Clear guidance for completion of the survey
  • Full support from a dedicated team
  • Quality report designed to stimulate personal development
  • Benchmarks to provide an indication of performance (where available)
  • Advice on how to gain the most from the report provided

To apply please email us.

Feedback for Doctors and Practices in Primary Care

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