Interpersonal Skills Questionnaire (ISQ)

About ISQ

Feedback for Doctors and Practices in Primary Care

Our Interpersonal Skills Questionnaire (ISQ) has been used and trusted for many years by health professionals who want to know how patients view their consultations. It is deemed flexible enough to be used in a variety of professional contexts in both primary and secondary care settings.

How does it work?

  • We send you all you need to complete the survey, including a full support pack
  • The survey is completed and returned to CFEP
  • We provide an informative and easy to understand report
  • You use the report to celebrate your successes and target your areas for improvement

What you get

  • Clear guidance for completion of the survey
  • Full support from a dedicated team
  • Quality report designed to stimulate personal development
  • Benchmarks to provide an indication of performance
  • Advice on how to interpret the report provided

Thinking about revalidation

Results from the ISQ can help doctors undertake appraisal and prepare for revalidation.

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What our Customers Say

  • The feedback was very useful – it heightened my job satisfaction and boosted morale.
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