Patient Experience using 'NHS 111' Services

About the NHS 111 Questionnaire

The questionnaire was developed using the requirements of the NHS 111 Minimum Data Set. It will allow providers to gather the required information for reporting as well as being able to monitor the experience of patients using the service.

The methodology follows that operated during our standard out of hours patient experience surveys, although the NHS 111 Minimum Data Set specifies that the sample should include at least 200 users of the single point of access service in that six month period (rather than the 1% used in current Out of Hours surveys).

How does it work?

  • Survey cycle agreed
  • Sample patients sent questionnaire (by post/electronically)
  • We provide an informative and easy to understand report electronically
  • You use the report to celebrate your successes, target your areas for improvement and as evidence for requirements of the NHS Minimum Data Set.

What you get

  • Independent survey administration
  • Pre populate document with the responses to the Minimum Data Set - which means you don't need to extract this information for your reporting requirement!
  • Benchmarks to provide an indication of performance (as sufficient data is collected)
  • Quality report designed to stimulate organisational development
  • Advice on how to interpret the report provided

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