Patient and Colleague Feedback

Suitable for Locum and Sessional Doctors including those working in Out of Hours

About Patient and Colleague Feedback

An integral part of Revalidation and Strengthened Appraisal, patient and colleague feedback enables you to gain valuable insight into how you are perceived as a professional. Including:

  • Patient Feedback
  • Colleague Feedback
  • Self Assessment

How does it work for Locum and Sessional Doctors?


Feedback is usually completed at the single place of practicing for the majority of doctors, however many locum and sessional doctors can work across 2 or more sites. All of the information provided here is still relevant to locum and sessional doctors but we have tried and tested methods to allow you to collect feedback based on your individual working practices.

Patient and Colleague Feedback has already been completed by numerous locum and sessional doctors and the flexibility of our processes has met their required needs. Please contact us if you would like to know more about how this will work for you.

Choices for Patient and Colleague Feedback

CFEP360 Patient and Colleague feedback questionnaires

  • used by around 4000 doctors already
  • deemed fit for purpose for Revalidation by the RCGP

GMC Patient and Colleague feedback questionnaires*

  • used by around 2000 doctors already
  • deemed fit for purpose for Revalidation by the RCGP

* Commissioned by the GMC as the chosen survey partner of Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry (PCMD) for the evaluation of the GMC's surveys for use in Revalidation, we have exclusive experience with the questionnaires and their administration, as well as holding specialist benchmarks.

The RCGP have also conducted a review of patient and colleague feedback questionnaires for use in Revalidation. More details...

Royal College Of General Practitioners Review

The RCGP has reviewed currently available tools for conducting colleague and patient surveys in general practice in the UK to assess their suitability for use by GPs for revalidation.

The following surveys - all of which CFEP can provide, "are regarded as 'fit for purpose' for revalidation":



How does it work?

  • We send you a link to our secure online portal to complete a Self Assessment and nominate the colleagues from whom you would like to receive feedback (full instructions and guidance are available on the portal) **
  • We send you a fully survey pack with your patient questionnaires (including guidance for distribution)
  • We provide an informative and easy to understand report electronically
  • You use the report to celebrate your successes and target your areas for improvement

** As part of our commitment to providing a professional service, we ask you to nominate a Supporting Medical Colleague (SMC) who can, if required, support and discuss the report with you (full guidance available on the portal). 

What you get

  • Clear guidance for completion of the survey
  • Full support from a dedicated team
  • Quality, fully integrated report designed to stimulate personal development
  • Benchmarks to provide an indication of performance
  • Advice on how to interpret the reports provided

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What our Customers Say

  • Thank you so much for sending through the survey report. It is of great interest and there is much upon which to reflect. I feel it will be of considerable assistance in my forthcoming appraisal.
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