Publications and Grants


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Other Publications

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Grants awarded for research and other funding

Year Awarding Body Amount (AUD) Topic
2019 Royal Australian College of General Practitioners $150,000 Multisource Feedback and Practice Experience Program Candidates
2016 Commonwealth Department of health $3.2 million Health Care Homes
2015 Pharmacy Guild $130,000 Phase 4: Systematic patient feedback
2013 Pharmacy Guild $154,000 Phase 3: Systematic patient feedback
2012 Pharmacy Guild $198,000 Phase 2: Systematic patient feedback
2011 Pharmacy Guild $108,000 Phase 1: Systematic patient feedback
2009 Department of Health and Ageing $395,000 Chronic Disease Self Management
2008 Southside Partnership Council $395,000 Chronic Disease Strategy
2007 Health Foundation (UK) £1,020,000 Co-creating Health Project
2005 General Medical Council £250,000 Validating questionnaires for use in Revalidation
2004 Department of Health (UK) £22,000 Developing an Out-of-Hours Patient Questionnaire
2002 The National Health Service National Modernisation Agency £33,000 Evaluating Critical Friends Groups
2001 South West Regional Health Authority £55,0000 Pathfinder PALS Patient and Public Involvement Collaborative PCT Scheme
2001 South West Regional Health Authority £11,000 Scoping study on clinicians’Education and Training communication training
2000 North and East Devon Health Authority £6,600 Establishing Critical Friend Groups in Primary Care
2000 South West Regional Health Authority £28,000 Clinical Governance Public Health and Non-Executive Directors
2000 South West Regional Health Authority £11,000 Evaluating IPQ Public Health
2000 The National Health Service Trusts £2,200 Assessing interpersonal skills of hospital doctors and nurses
2000 Royal College of General Practitioners N/A Implementing Doctors’ Interpersonal Skills Questionnaire in the Royal College of General Practitioners Accredited Professional Development Pilot
2000 South West VTS £900 Utilising Doctors’ Interpersonal Skills Questionnaire in UK General Practice Training
2000 South West Regional Health Authority £2,800 Patient Perception of Illness Severity
1999 Department of Health Australia $15,100 Aboriginal Health
1998 Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Outcomes Evaluation Unit $79,480 Outcomes fo Training
1998 Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Training Program $4,250 Module on Active Listening Skills
1997 Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Training Program $7,156 Evaluating GP Trainers
1995 Department of Health $85,700 Patient Feedback
1994 Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Evaluation Task Force $53,350 Patient Feedback