Bespoke Surveys

Bespoke, customised and new surveys

At CFEP we share a passion for supporting people and organisations to better themselves by understanding how their products and services are perceived by the people who are key to their success. Enabling them to readily identify and put in place quality improvement initiatives.

In cases where none of our existing survey products meets the specific enquiry needs of our clients, the CFEP Survey Development Team custom designs, builds and implements survey and reporting mechanisms to suit.

Through our bespoke survey instruments, we’ve helped businesses identify gaps and improvement opportunities in a vast and diverse range of topics. These include (but are not limited to):

How we design and administer a survey to meet your needs

Developing a tailored survey solution begins with understanding your organisation and what’s driving your need to seek feedback and from whom.

  • We work collaboratively with you to develop surveys that provide valid and meaningful feedback from your specified stakeholder group/s – whether that be staff, customers or a customer segment, your board of directors, a supply chain, or communities in which you operate.

  • We provide expertise on the most appropriate survey methodology and tailor this to your requirements.

  • We offer a range of options for when and how your survey is delivered – for example on entry to, during, or completion of an interaction with your organisation via an online, paper-based, text/SMS survey or app.

We take great pleasure in ensuring the ‘survey experience’ is a positive one and is as streamlined as possible for all involved. We obtain feedback that is relevant, honest and accurate.

Survey reporting

Getting relevant, accurate feedback from the right people is one thing. Analysing and making sense of it, and presenting it to you in a meaningful manner is another. ‘Reporting’ is part of the custom survey process that we at CFEP take great pride in and what our clients perhaps value most.

At the heart of our experience, expertise and passion is rigorous data processing systems and accurate, easy to understand reports.

Collated feedback and analysis is presented to our clients in a sensitive and constructive manner, according to their specific needs. Report content can be tailored or sectioned for your target audiences.

Design a survey to suit your organisation’s needs.

Examples of CFEP’s bespoke survey design

CFEP has designed and implemented employee surveys for healthcare-related organisations and corporations, gathering useful and meaningful feedback from both clinical and non-clinical staff with the aim of improving employee satisfaction levels and patient care.

Patient feedback

CFEP have received requests for adaptations of our existing surveys to suit the particular needs of individual organisations. We work with these organisations to create a bespoke, unique survey that fulfills their requirements. This adaptability allows us to use our already proven questionnaires in different formats but directly suited to client needs.

Patient transport surveys

Satisfaction surveys for patient transport services has gathered relevant feedback from patients that shaped service development and improved patient experience.

Customer satisfaction surveys

We recently undertook a satisfaction survey for a major dispensing appliance service. We gathered meaningful feedback from customers to shape service development and improve customer experience.

Localised feedback on specific areas

We’ve designed highly customised questionnaires to help organisations gather specific feedback on particular or specialist areas.

Our bespoke survey instruments and in-depth analysis are playing a key role in the positive transformation of businesses and professionals across the UK.

We work with you to unearth relevant, accurate feedback, analyse it, and provide you with easy-to-understand reports applicable in your quality improvement journey.​