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Colleague feedback surveys

We are able to offer a choice of three colleague feedback tools; our own CFET, the GMC CQ or the FOM CQ. All three are suitable for appraisal and revalidation, as well as professional development purposes.

All three surveys consist of two elements: a colleague feedback survey, and a self-assessment questionnaire.

Colleague feedback survey

The colleague feedback survey is carried out online via our secure portal. Participants submit a list of nominated colleagues to us, we then contact each of the colleagues via email and invite them to complete a feedback questionnaire online. We monitor the status of each survey so that we can follow up, where necessary, with any reminders that are needed to ensure that the colleague survey is completed as swiftly as possible.

Self-assessment questionnaire

The self-assessment questionnaire is completed online via our secure portal. The questionnaire asks the participant to rate themselves against the questions in the colleague feedback questionnaire being completed by their peers. We then provide a comparison table within the report, displaying self-assessed scores against those of colleagues for each question, in order to encourage self-reflective practice.

The below table provides further information and comparison between these surveys.

If you have any queries, please contact us.

Suitable for appraisal
Suitable for revalidation
GMC compliant
Suitable for doctors & consultants
(including locum & sessional doctors)
Suitable for nurses
Suitable for pharmacists
Suitable for dentists
Suitable for other health professionals
Suitable for non medical professionals 2
Colleague feedback
Questionnaire View CFEP CQ sample View GMC CQ sample View FOM CQ sample
Questionnaire type Online Online Online
Minimum returns required 3 12 15 15
Price £55+VAT £55+VAT £55+VAT
Buy now Buy now Buy now

1 Faculty of Occupational Medicine registered doctors & consultants

2 View CFEP CQ non medical sample questionnaire here.

3 Extensive validation and testing of our questionnaires determined the minimum number of completed questionnaires required to provide reliable and robust feedback. If your appraisal/revalidation body requires a greater number of responses, please let us know as soon as possible to ensure a report is generated only when the required number of responses to satisfy your appraisal/revalidation body has been received.

N.B. The GMC does not prescribe a minimum number of patient or colleague responses that a doctor is required to collect for appraisal or revalidation purposes. Guidance on the supporting information for appraisal and revalidation states: 'When using standard questionnaires, the independent provider will be able to tell you how many responses you will need, to give an accurate reflection of your practice.'