Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in or choosing to work with CFEP UK Surveys. We’re pleased to have you on board!

Following are responses to some of our most frequently asked questions.

If your query is not answered here, we’d love to hear from you. Talk to us via the chat window below, email, or call us on 01392 927 005.

On the portal landing page, please click on the ‘Get a username reminder and password reset’ button. You will be emailed a link to reset your CFEP password. Please note, occasionally our emails are delivered to junk or spam folders. You may need to check if the email does not come through within a few minutes. Please then mark emails from CFEP as ‘safe’. If you’re still unable to login, please contact us via the chat window below, email, or call us on 01392 927 005.

Occasionally our emails are delivered to junk or spam folders. You may need to check and then please mark emails from CFEP as ‘safe’.

Firstly, our Survey Administration Team processes your order by using the details provided on the application form to open a new survey. This is usually a seamless process.

If a ‘patient survey’ is part of your order we dispatch a ‘patient survey pack’ (via Royal Mail 2nd Class) around three to five working days after you have placed your order. We’ll notify clients by email once it’s on it way.

The patient element of the survey is run as a paper-based, post-consultation exit survey. We send you a survey pack with everything you need to complete the survey process.

View our CFEP Patient and Colleague Feedback Process flowchart for a better understanding.

Once you have placed an order, it takes us around three working days to develop and finalise your survey.

Following that, a ‘patient survey pack’, which contains everything you need to undertake the patient survey, will be sent to you.

The patient survey packs are sent via Royal Mail 2nd Class. We will notify you via email when they are dispatched. Allow a few days for delivery.

A patient survey pack includes:

  • Guidelines for handing out the questionnaires
  • A poster and leaflets to explain the process to patients
  • Printed surveys for patients to complete
  • Sealable envelopes for patients’ completed surveys
  • A ‘ballot box’ (which is around the size of a shoe-box) for collection of completed surveys
  • A large CFEP self-addressed envelope for completed surveys to be returned to us.

We recommend patient questionnaires are handed out by a staff member on behalf of the doctor, and patients complete the survey after their consultation but before they leave your clinic.

Patients place their completed survey in one of the sealable envelopes then into the ballot box.

Once you receive sufficient responses (a minimum of number of responses are required to ensure validity of data), place the sealed surveys in the CFEP self-addressed envelope we provided, apply the correct postage and mail back to us.

We will process the responses, which includes ensuring we have received sufficient responses (unfortunately, from time-to-time, patients submit a blank survey, in which case we will need you to collect more completed surveys). You will receive your patient feedback and analysis within your final report.

The self-assessment and colleague elements of our surveys are each managed online.

The survey participant is emailed clear instructions of how to complete these once the survey has been set up.

You will receive access to CFEP’s secure online portal where your personal account will be set up.

The process for self-assessment:

  • Your self-assessment in completed within the portal.
  • Once submitted, your responses are stored in our database until the other elements of your survey are completed.
  • Analysis of your self-assessment will be included in your final report.

The process for colleague feedback:

  • Within your portal account, you nominate colleagues you would like to participate and provide their names and contact details.
  • We contact each of your nominated colleagues to verify their details.
  • Your colleagues will receive an email from us with an introduction and secure link to the survey, and instructions and timelines for completing it (for optimal response rates, we recommend allowing three to four weeks). To prompt non-responders, we send up to two reminder emails – the first one week after the initial email, then another a week later.
  • You can check colleague survey progress within the portal at any stage of the process (although you cannot see their responses – that’s our job to collate, analyse and report back to you).
  • You will receive your colleague feedback and analysis within your final report.

The aim of sufficient survey numbers is to ensure statistically reliable and meaningful reports.

Sufficient number quotas vary depending on which survey clients are doing. We will always provide clear guidance on the required numbers.

As a guide, for GMC surveys a minimum of 15 colleague and 34 patient responses are required; and for CFEP surveys, a minimum of 12 colleague and 28 patient responses are required.

Your report will be sent to you within 10 working days from receipt of the sufficient number of all survey responses (see above Q&A regarding ‘sufficient number of responses’).

We take great pride in the quality of our reports – each report is thoroughly manually quality checked in-house by the CFEP Reports Team. Our final reports are not automatically generated.

If you need your report sooner than 10 days after receipt of all responses, please let us know. On the proviso that we have received the sufficient number of survey responses, we may be able to get your report to you ahead of any deadlines you may have.

Of course, we also must have received full payment before we send final reports.

You can review available patient and colleague feedback surveys on our surveys.

Here you will be able to compare the patient and colleague feedback surveys we offer. Once you have decided which survey suits your needs, simply click on the ‘Add to basket’ button and provide your details in the online form.

We can certainly analyse the GMC colleague and patient feedback questionnaires for you. The cost for us to do this would be £99+VAT and we would need a minimum of 34 completed patient and 15 complete colleague questionnaires before we could generate a full report.

If you would like to proceed with this service or more details about how we can help, contact us via the chat window below, email, or call us on 01392 927 005.

We can offer the CFEP Improving Practice Survey for practice and practitioner feedback. Find out more about our CFEP Improving Practice Survey.

The CFEP Improving Practice Survey is an end-to-end patient experience survey providing feedback on all aspects of your service, and can be combined with individual patient feedback for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

To opt out of postal out-of-hours and NHS 111 surveys, enter the details from the letter you have received here.

We’d be pleased to help with a CPPQ. You can find out more about a CPPQ or purchase the questionnaire here. Alternatively, you can contact our team for more information.

Once we receive your order, the survey pack with everything you need to undertake the survey will be sent to you. We will also email you a link for your customer who would prefer to respond to your survey online.

At the top of the order form, there is the option to select your ‘care type’ – that is, the healthcare setting in which you work. The options are Primary Care (e.g. a GP surgery), Secondary Care (e.g. a hospital) and Independent or Other (e.g. a private clinic).

Simply place the individual completed and sealed questionnaires in the return self-addressed envelope we provided in the survey pack, add the required postage, and pop it in the mail.

It’s not necessary to include a cover letter or other identifying information – your questionnaires will be uniquely barcoded to your survey.