We’re excited to reveal our new brand identity!

After completing almost 5.5 million questionnaires, collaborating with more than 11,000 organisations and supporting more than 38,000 practitioners to gather and analyse patient and colleague feedback, we decided it was time for a little self-reflection.

Earlier this year we undertook strategic market analysis to ensure our continuing alignment with the UK healthcare sector and your needs.

Our team reflected on our specialist services and what we are passionate about: Supporting healthcare professionals to obtain statistically valid evidence on the quality of their patient care and services. What we realised was that we hadn’t been great at communicating that this is our entire reason for being.

New look. Same philosophy

Our core beliefs haven’t changed. Our robust survey products haven’t changed. Our focus on you and your patients and colleagues hasn’t changed. But we have spent some time defining exactly what it means to be CFEP Surveys. The result is a refreshed and reinvigorated brand identity which we think communicates who we are more clearly…

We’re the experts in healthcare surveys. And you’re at the centre of all we do!

Behind the new look

We started with our customers, partners and the broader healthcare sector. In this case, we decided that being well-connected with the sector through our everyday interactions wasn’t enough. We also spent time undertaking our own research and market analysis, and talking with senior sector stakeholders.

After looking externally, we considered who CFEP Surveys is at our core. If we applied a set of values or human qualities to our organisation what would they be? We reflected on more than two decades of CFEP Surveys to pin down the qualities that best capture who we are, the nature of the work we do and the spirit in which we do it.

CFEP Surveys is genuine, insightful, rigorous and collaborative.

Genuine – We care. Our customers and their patients are at the centre of all we do.

CFEP Surveys was formed with the express intention of supporting clinicians to communicate and connect with patients. We have been helping healthcare professionals to implement feedback mechanisms for more than two decades. Our team understands the importance of the work we do for our customers and we are passionate about supporting their quality improvement goals.

Insightful – We are the experts in healthcare surveys.

We pioneered the use of patient-based feedback instruments and are deeply embedded in the UK healthcare sector. We apply insight and experience in developing fit-for-purpose survey products to help deliver successful improvement outcomes for healthcare professionals. (And we are delighted to see the positive ripple effect this has in our communities.)

Rigorous – We provide robust, highly validated surveys and have been extensively published in academic and medical circles.

CFEP Survey products are based on the academic research excellence of our Co-Founder, Associate Professor Michael Greco. CFEP’s multisource feedback (MSF) survey has been used as a validation source for the General Medical Council (GMC) MSF and research has shown the CFEP Survey product to have better validation properties. This rigor and attention to detail is ingrained in all our processes.

Collaborative – We work closely with our customers and sector partners.

Strong connections with Exeter University underpin CFEP Surveys early work. We have an extensive partnership history with the GMC, National Health Service (NHS) and the Department of Health and Social Care Quality and Outcomes Framework (DHSC QOF) to design and deliver healthcare feedback solutions. We work closely with our customers to ensure they have a positive survey experience.

These four qualities are the standard we hold ourselves to and the benchmark for our success. We’re proud to share our new brand identity with you. And we hope you can see yourself reflected in our story.

We’re the experts in healthcare surveys. And you’re at the centre of all we do!