CFEP Care in Out of Hours Patient Survey

The CFEP Care in Out of Hours Patient Survey is an end-to-end patient experience survey providing feedback on all aspects of your service. It is specifically designed for treatment centres, telephone advice and clinical navigation hubs and home visit service providers, producing supporting information to meet CQC requirements and for quality improvement purposes.

The CFEP Care in Out of Hours Patient Survey can also be combined with the Friends and Family Test (FFT) questions with a monthly report if you survey patients every month or more.

The CFEP Care in Out of Hours Patient Survey:

  • Is a robust, widely used survey
  • Provides detailed feedback on all aspects of the patient experience
  • Provides supporting information to meet CQC requirements, demonstrating your service is seeking patient feedback for the purpose of reflection and quality improvement
  • Is minimally disruptive to the operation of your service as the process is managed by CFEP
  • Provides an end-to-end survey on your behalf as CFEP generate the questionnaires, contact patients (under ‘special category data’ rules) and undertake the data analysis and reporting
  • Can be administered ‘in house’ as an alternative, with CFEP providing you with all survey materials in prefilled envelopes for you post to patients if that is your preference
  • Incorporates supportive processes throughout, managed by CFEP’s highly experienced and dedicated team of professionals
  • Offers flexibility to tailor our products to the different services that you provide
  • Provides you with an in-depth feedback report which includes rigorous analysis and extensive benchmarking data
  • Involves confidential electronic report provision (PDF format)

Platforms and minimum returns

The questionnaire is run as/conducted as a postal survey. Questionnaires are supplied for home visits, care centre consultation, telephone consultations, or any combination.

NHS England recommends that a minimum sample of 1% of patients are surveyed per annum.