CFEP Improving Practice Survey

The CFEP Improving Practice Survey is an end-to-end patient experience survey providing feedback on all aspects of your service. It is suitable for Primary Care Networks and GP practices, providing supporting information to meet CQC requirements and for quality improvement purposes.

The CFEP Improving Practice Survey can also be combined with individual clinicians’ multisource feedback surveys to meet GMC appraisal and revalidation and a self-assessment tool depending on your needs.

The CFEP Improving Practice Survey:

  • Is a robust, highly validated survey providing detailed feedback on all aspects of the patient experience as they journey through your practice, from opening hours to their experience with staff to the interpersonal skills of clinicians
  • Provides supporting information to meet CQC requirements, demonstrating you are seeking patient feedback and reflecting on their feedback for quality improvement opportunities
  • Is designed as a formative tool for improvement so it helps identify weaker areas for improvement but also differentiates at the higher end of the scale
  • Is described by practices managers as minimally disruptive to the operation of the practice with minimal need for their involvement in the administration of the questionnaires
  • Is a simple process to encourage patient engagement, with the questionnaire designed for easy completion in 3-5 minutes
  • Questionnaires can be completed both as an online submission or in paper format
  • Incorporates supportive processes throughout, managed by CFEP’s highly experienced and dedicated team of professionals
  • Provides you with thorough and rigorous analysis and an in-depth feedback report electronically and confidentially in a PDF which includes extensive benchmarking data

We are proud to provide a comprehensive feedback service for your Practice and your individual Practitioners. As part of this solution, we can provide:

  • Patient feedback at a Practice level only (from £97.00)
  • Patient feedback for your Practice and individual Practitioners
  • Colleague feedback for Practitioners (from just £35 per Practitioner using the special discount pricing on the right)

A tailored solution which includes all three components listed above delivers your Practice a comprehensive patient feedback report for quality improvement purposes and supporting information to meet your CQC requirements, in addition to providing your individual Practitioners with a complete multisource feedback solution to meet their personal development and revalidation requirements.

If you have any questions about practice, patient or colleague feedback please get in touch. We’re the experts in healthcare surveys and we’d be happy to help you find the right survey solution for your practice.

Platforms and minimum returns

The patient questionnaire is typically a paper-based post-consultation exit survey but is also available online. CFEP provides all the necessary materials including questionnaires, envelopes, a ballot box and guidance notes.

The number of patient responses required to enable a robust feedback report is dependent on your practice list size and number of practitioners.

Optional extras

Paper bound hard copy of your detailed overall practice report.

£25 plus VAT

For individual clinicians, we recommend the CFEP360 Patient and Colleague Survey as the complete multisource feedback tool for healthcare professionals. This survey combines the CFEP Interpersonal Skills Questionnaire with a colleague feedback evaluation tool and a self-assessment questionnaire.

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  • Paper bound hard copy report


    In addition to your digital report, CFEP Surveys provide an additional paper bound hard copy of your detailed feedback report (per participant)

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Practice only survey price

From £97.00

Practice and practitioner survey price

Add £69 per practitioner

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Special Discount for CFEP Improving Practice Practitioner Survey Purchasers

Add on a CFEP Colleague Feedback Survey with your CFEP Improving Practice Practitioner Survey for a discount.

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