Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire

The Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire (CPPQ) provides pharmacies with patient feedback on all aspects of their service at an organisational level. It is specifically designed for pharmacies and meets the NHS contract requirement for patient feedback.

The CPPQ was developed by the Department of Health to help pharmacies monitor the quality of advice and services given to customers.

The Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire:

  • Meets the NHS contract requirements for pharmacies that all pharmacies complete this patient survey based on their monthly script volume
  • Is designed to stimulate personal development
  • Is provided by a PSNC listed provider
  • Incorporates clear guidance and full support from a dedicated team
  • Provides you with quality feedback report with detailed benchmarks and advice on how to interpret the report
  • Provides your report electronically and confidentially as a PDF

Platforms and minimum returns

The questionnaire is available as a paper based survey and you will also be provided with a URL for the online version of the survey.

CFEP provides all the necessary materials including questionnaires, envelopes, a ballot box and guidance notes.

The number of patient responses required is based on monthly script volume.

Optional extras

CFEP Staff Survey is also suitable for quality improvement, providing your pharmacy with feedback from staff on all aspects of their service at an organisational level.

Please ask about pricing to suit your pharmacy.

From £109.00

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