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Patient feedback surveys for GP surgeries

We have been providing practice surveys for many years and pride ourselves on offering a service which is reliable and, importantly, independent. We use a robust survey process and produce reports with benchmarking and full supporting materials. All this means that you can be confident that you will comply with your contractual requirements, but also, that you are able to listen to and act upon the views of your patients.

Our Improving Practice Questionnaire (IPQ) was designed to make patients think about every aspect of their 'journey' through the practice, from opening hours and the practice environment, to the reception staff and the interpersonal skills of the clinicians. The IPQ can be run at two levels; practice level whereby the practice receives one overall practice report, or practitioner level whereby each practitioner receives their own patient feedback report and the practice receives one overall practice report. Also, our Colleague Feedback Evaluation Tool (CFET) can be added on to provide practitioners with a colleague feedback survey.

The Friends and Family Test was introduced in April 2013. Its purpose is to provide all patients the opportunity to give feedback by asking those patients whether they would recommend their practice to friends and family.

The below table provides further information and comparison between the surveys.

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IPQ Practice Only IPQ Practice & Practitioner IPQ Practice & Practitioner + Colleague Feedback Friends and Family Test
Suitable for CQC
Suitable for appraisal
Suitable for revalidation
Suitable for all health professionals
GMC compliant
Practice feedback
Practitioner feedback
Colleague feedback
Questionnaire details
Questionnaire Sample View IPQ sample View IPQ sample View IPQ sample View FFT sample
Practice questionnaire type Paper/Online Paper/Online Paper/Online Paper/Online
Practitioner questionnaire type - Paper Paper -
Colleague questionnaire type - - Online -
Colleague questionnaire sample - - View CFEP CQ sample -
Your details
Minimum colleague returns required 1 - - 12
(per practitioner)
Minimum patient returns required 1 List size required List size and number of practitioners required
(to include 28 per practitioner)
List size and number of practitioners required
(to include 28 per practitioner)
List size -
Survey Price £ +VAT £ +VAT £ +VAT £25+VAT / pm
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1 Extensive validation and testing of our questionnaires determined the minimum number of completed questionnaires required to provide reliable and robust feedback. If your appraisal/revalidation body requires a greater number of responses, please let us know as soon as possible to ensure a report is generated only when the required number of responses to satisfy your appraisal/revalidation body has been received.

N.B. The GMC does not prescribe a minimum number of patient or colleague responses that a doctor is required to collect for appraisal or revalidation purposes. Guidance on the supporting information for appraisal and revalidation states: 'When using standard questionnaires, the independent provider will be able to tell you how many responses you will need, to give an accurate reflection of your practice.'