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Out-of-Hours Patient Experience Survey

At a glance

  • Patients are contacted on your behalf. NHS England recommends that a minimum sample of 1% of patients are surveyed per annum
  • Questionnaires are supplied for home visits, care centre consultation, telephone consultations, or any combination
  • Full reports are supplied (electronically & confidentially)
  • All patient comments are reproduced (subject to privacy terms)
  • If you survey patients every month or more, CFEP can include the Friends and Family Test questions with a monthly report for you at an extra cost of £25+VAT per month


  • CFEP generates all patient questionnaires and receives completed patient questionnaires
  • CFEP can post all questionnaires and reminders to patients (under special category data rules). Alternatively, CFEP can send the survey material (in pre-filled envelopes) to you for you to post to patients

We would be happy to discuss your requirements and survey options with you. Please, contact us